Often we receive telephone enquiries about how much we charge per square, this is sometimes a little like asking how long is a piece of string.

As you can appreciate there a many different factors affecting the cost of building a home. We prefer to take a more thorough approach to providing ball park figures for our clients.

If clients come to us with already completed plans we have the flexibility of running these plans through our estimating program to get a real figure for the construction of the home.

In most instances we work with enquiries showing them examples of custom homes we have recently completed, finding comparable sizes/designs on comparable land with similar fall. Working to our clients target figure is really important to us. Here is what a client we are currently building a home for has said:

“Interactions with Daniel the architect have been very positive. His communication style has been very easy to work with. We talked what the budget would be, and then they came back with a design that fitted our budget” Jackie – Torquay

If you are thinking of building, have a block of land in mind but wondering how much it would cost to build your new home or if you have the land and plans already drawn please head over to the contact us page and leave your details. We would love to help you when it comes to working out the investment for your new home.