Building With Signature Homes Geelong

We believe in the superiority of architectural design, enduring innovation and quality workmanship.

Our Signature Promise
Transparent communication, unrivalled customer service and truly exceptional custom homes.

At Signature Homes Geelong, we work hard to develop and maintain our reputation for quality. We believe that our unique approach to building will enhance your lifestyle and provide you with a home that you will enjoy for many years to come.

We are transparent and value the principle of “What you see is what you get.” There are no hidden costs that you don’t know about or additional costs incurred with upgrades. 

Our value is unrivalled… need we say more? 

We provide full colour selection services because we know that colour palette is a significant design decision that has significant impact

Details matter. We adhere to meticulous internal processes and maintain exceptionally high standards for all craftsmanship and project deliverables.

We offer in-house design services so that we can optimise every opportunity to personalise your home, and you are able to both see and feel your vision through sketches and 3D presentations.

We are local – proudly owned, operated and supported by a Geelong-based team.

Our people matter to us and they should matter to you, too. Our team is highly experienced, passionate about our company and care deeply about our clients and their outcomes. Our supervisors are given manageable workloads to ensure they can give each home they are working on the attention it deserves. Our subcontractors stay the same, because we know they produce quality work.