Building With Signature Homes Geelong

Relationships First

The most critical component of a successful custom home build is the establishment of transparent, trusting relationships with our clients.

– Gary Watts

Just as all of our homes are custom designed and built, so is the process of working with Signature Homes Geelong.

We understand that not all build processes are linear – each project has its own vision, complexities and timeframes.

We take into consideration all of these factors, but the most critical component is establishing great relationships with our clients.

From the beginning, our team takes the time to understand our clients’ objectives, dreams and concerns. We take the time to establish clear and transparent communication, and ensure that we all believe that we are the right fit for the project. Our Director Gary Watts plays a key role in the process, and is available to clients throughout their custom build journey.  

The following outline is an indication of what to expect when building with Signature Homes Geelong.


Initial Meeting

Initially we meet our clients for a coffee. This enables us to understand if we are going to be a good fit for each other.

Within this meeting we cover off all of the big ticket items – bedrooms, bathrooms, style, budget and any concerns you might have with building your new home.

Walk Through

Together, we walk through a number of our homes under construction or recently completed.
This gives our clients the chance to meet Gary, our Director, and gain an understanding of what happens behind the walls. This is also a really good way to understand the possible size of your new home.

Return Brief

Completing a return brief and reviewing this with our internal Architect helps us to clarify the key objectives you wish to achieve in your next home.

Site Assessment

During this stage, we complete a site meeting to ensure that we are capturing everything the block has to offer, we also run all of the reports required to enable us to start design.

Concept Development

This is when the fun starts! We develop the design of your new home, complete any supplier meetings that may be required, as well as in interior design consultation. 

Contract Preparation

This is the formalisation of all of the design process. We work through structural engineering, final colour and material selections, and MBVA contracts.


Upon signed contracts, we apply for a building permit. During this time our supervisor and construction manager begin working on your new home so as we are ready and well organised once a permit is issued. We introduce our clients to their supervisor and guide our clients every step of the way.
Transparent communication is paramount during construction and we operate to ensure we deliver on our promise unrivalled customer service and truly exceptional custom homes.